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I’m Eliza B. - a tenacious southern Gemini, life enthusiast, habitual list-maker, and enduring optimist (enjoying the view from my rose-colored glasses.)

Life has led me on an often bumpy yet mostly entertaining journey to get here and has taught me a lot of valuable lessons along the way - I’m convinced this road to personal growth is going to be ever evolving. I’ve spent the last 6 years navigating a bi-cultural medical marriage, infertility and IVF, and most recently the dramatic transition from being an ER nurse working in the throes of downtown Chicago to a stay-at-home mama of two spirited little boys. Being a mama has been my greatest joy and is simultaneously the most humbling and rewarding experience of my life. I’m doing my best work every day to raise kind humans.

I have a mercurial laundry list of passions. I’m a lover of laughter, good books, snail mail, cozy socks, a well-intended pun, and kitchen dance parties with my family. I am continuously seeking to better understand myself and others; to get comfortable with my contradictions; and quiet the inner critic in my head. I practice daily to live intentionally, lead by example, to not be too anxious to expose my vulnerabilities to others, and to sneak in a power nap every chance I can get!!

I have always used writing as a form of self-care (I started my first diary at age 7!) and it has also functioned as a creative emotional outlet for me. I believe emotions are the common threads of humanity. So many of us ache for genuine emotional connection but don’t know how to find it.

Wessinger Family

My hope is that by sharing our stories with each other - the emotionally raw, honest, and most vulnerable bits our hearts with love and courage - we will find that connection. I want this to be a space for that kind of story sharing.

So I write this blog as a promise to you (and to myself!) to keep it real and offer up positivity, humor, support, inspiration, tokens of wisdom, and life lessons based on my personal experiences and challenges. To bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning every day.

We could all use more places where it is safe to acknowledge (and even honor) the struggle, to feel like we are not alone, and to discover the commonalities that bond us together, especially in our most challenging times. We need less rivalry and shaming and more empowering of each other – raising each other up, giving grace, and building a strong, soaked-in-love kind of community. I want that for us here - because we can’t do it alone y’all and I need it too!!

I’m so truly happy you are here - please take a moment {HERE} to introduce yourself and tell me more about you!

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Yours Truly