Finding the Light

In the month of May, I decided to make a study out of finding the light in our everyday lives. With the ongoing overwhelm of the global pandemic and quarantining, we had been having a run of darker days. As I wrote out my monthly goals for May, I decided to pick up my camera more often. I wanted to be intentional about using it as a way to inspire gratitude in these challenging times. Finding the light has always been a way for me gain better perspective. Helping to refocus my mind on the beauty in my life when things are tough.

On evenings when the weather is agreeable, I take the boys out for a walks around the block after dinner. That golden hour of daylight retreating is so incredible. Just before dusk, it always a refreshing break in our evening routine. Something about the fresh air and physical movement really improves our vibe before the bedtime hustle. One night, after some joyful puddle jumping, we were walking back home and the boys started up a hill. Noah reached out to grab Niko’s hand. The light was dancing across their backs and time stood still for a brief moment.

Your Truly Eliza B. | Finding the Light | Photo by Eliza B. - Golden Hour

In that pause, I thought – there is so much beauty in every ordinary day.


Your Truly Eliza B. | Finding the Light | Photo by Eliza B. - Boys on Steps
Your Truly Eliza B. | Finding the Light | Photo by Eliza B. - Trucker Hat Profile
Your Truly Eliza B. | Finding the Light | Photo by Eliza B. - Reading in Morning Light

It’s such a simple way to delight in how the light touches everything every day, no matter how dark the times may feel.

In that brief pause, I remember how important it is to capture the beauty in these ordinary moments of our lives. How a simple snap of the shutter can help freeze them in time. I’m reminded how incredible it feels to take time finding the light every single day.

I hope you will also spend some time finding the light. See how it touches the most ordinary moments of your life in the most magical ways?

Yours truly,

Eliza B.


One of my favorite artists who I find is incredible at finding the light in every day is Brian Andreas.

>>Click HERE to check out his artwork on IG.

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