Turning 3 On His Own Terms

My firstborn was expected to be a January baby. By early February, I was more than ready to meet him. I tried all the tricks in the book to coax him out. But he was perfectly content to stay put in his cozy little nook inside my womb. After a week of waiting, he finally decided to join us on the outside. In the past 3 years since that day, we have learned that this is how he likes to do things – on his own terms. Which is exactly how he wanted to celebrate turning 3 years old.

Often I find myself telling him about things we have scheduled for an afternoon or what to expect with certain transitions and/or activities. I must ask “does that sound like a plan?” a lot. Because I find he responds pretty often with “nope, I don’t like that plan very much.” And then proceed tell me how he would prefer things. “How about I watch a little show while you cook dinner?” or “you should leave Niko here with a babysitter and take me to go get some ice cream, just us.”

He’s got quite the opinion on most things, always keeps us on our toes, and entertains us with his wit.

So last week we celebrated him turning 3 and I can hardly believe it. This age is amazing and beautiful (and challenging too haha) in a million ways. When I think back on those first moments we met face to face, it’s crazy to think it’s been three years already. It was no surprise to us that he was full of ideas about how he wanted to celebrate his birthday. He told us specifically what gift he would like to receive. Exactly what he preferred to eat for dinner. And what kind of cake he wanted to have.

We started the morning with a surprise visit from Sippi & Cinny (yay for grandmothers!), Krispy Kreme donuts, and a bunch of balloons. Over a heart shaped donut topped with 3 candles, he enjoyed the first round of Happy Birthday that he’d hear for the day. He was too cute, grinning from ear to ear the entire song. Then he got to open a few gifts that came by mail and play for a bit before school. He tried to tell us, “since it’s my birthday I want to play hooky from school today.” Luckily I was able to convince him otherwise. All it took was a sneak peak at the mini-chocolate-cupcakes I’d gotten for him to share with his classmates that day.

turning 3 birthday pic donut

After school he came home and took a well-earned nap. Upon waking, he got to open one of his gifts from us. The one present he had specifically requested – “SuperWings guys!” Next on his agenda was playing in a homemade sensory box (inspired by Susie Allison of Busy Toddler) with his exciting new figurines.

This engaging activity kept both boys entertained until it was time for dinner.

Around 5pm our neighbors walked over to join the celebration! Noah had specifically asked for “Mexican food take out.” He gave me a list of his favorites: cheese dip, guacamole, chips, rice, and quesadillas. So we put in a order of those things and more for everyone to enjoy. Then we laughed and reminisced and laughed some more through dinner. We topped off the evening with a delicious whip cream frosted cake with strawberries (two of Noah’s favorite things!). And sang another, slightly more raucous, rendition of Happy Birthday!

turning 3 birthday pic cake

As the excitement died down closer to bedtime, our neighbors wandered home back across the street. Noah was all smiles. He thanked everyone over and over and his happiness was infectious. Turns out all of his ideas on how to celebrate turning three were awesome! Everyone had a great time. And we all loved being with him and seeing how much he enjoyed himself.

I am so in love with this little guy. Even though it seems like he is growing up at the speed of light, I know that in his own way, he will always be my baby. My firstborn. The one who made me a Mama. And I will forever be thankful for this opportunity. I could never have imagined a better blessing in my life. Happy 3rd Birthday baby. You light up my life in the BEST way.

I love you always.

Yours truly,

Mama xoxo

turning three newborn pic by kati mallory

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