A Few of My Favorite Things: Spring Favorites

I have always loved this season. There is an undeniable optimism about this time of year that I can’t help but get swept up in. The flowers bursting forth, parading their pinks and yellows and purples for everyone to swoon over. The trees budding with bright pops of green. Birds singing cheerful spring songs and of course… the warmer, longer days that give me so much life after a cold winter. Even if Spring hasn’t quite “sprung” in your neck of the woods – rest assured, it’s not far away! This past week we’ve been pulling out all of our favorite things for spring. I am so excited to share a few of them with you.

1. Hunter Kids boots – These my kids’ all-time favorite shoes to wear in the spring going on 4 years now. They are the boots that make saying “sure you can jump in those puddles!” an easy yes. They were the first shoes my kids could put on/off independently. And they are cute to boot (pun intended!). Get the red ones, you won’t regret it!

2. Sperry boots – Speaking of great boots, these are an all-time winner in my book. Hands down one of my favorite things in my spring wardrobe (and great for fall/winter too!). They are practical, easy to slip on/off, and look great too! I can happily jump in those puddles WITH my kids if I’m wearing these boots! I seriously love these and have worn them so many times and they’ve lasted forever. A worthy investment IMO.

3. Tulips – Unfortunately I don’t have a link for you for this one. But I can tell you where to go find them! Almost any grocery store will be carrying them this time of year. You can also find them at your local farmer’s market or flower shop! Nothing beats a cloudy day for me like fresh flowers on the kitchen counter! I buy myself a bouquet almost every other week. It’s part of my self-care routine! And this past year we planted bulbs in our yard which are all in bloom right now. I love it! Check out your local garden center for those!

4. Felco pruners – These babies are the real deal of pruning shears. Which you might think is a strange thing to add to a favorite things list haha but hear me out. My mama bought me a pair of these a few years back and I use them ALL THE TIME. For cutting the bottoms of my flowers to help them last longer. And for any kind of flower cutting I do in the yard. Basically for any kind of gardening you might do that would require pruning – these are hands down, the best.

A few favorite things for sun protection

5. Goodr Sunglasses – Some days I feel like these sunglasses are too good to be true. The past few years I’ve bought myself a new pair in the spring because they are so affordable and FUN! They are perfect for active people. They don’t slip around on your face and they are all polarized. There are so many awesome designs and styles to choose from for men and women! I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

6. Baseball Cap – Wearing a baseball cap outside is such an easy way to look cool. Oh and don’t forget – it helps keep the sun off of your face too! Our kids LOVE these Patagonia caps (my husband does too – he’s always stealing theirs for himself!). They adjust to fit smaller heads and they’re an easy yes for our kids because they love the great designs. You’ll rarely see our boys out without them on sunny days!

7. Think Baby Sunscreen – This is our favorite sunscreen for sensitive skin. It’s safe for our kids, water resistant, AND safe for the environment. We buy it in bulk and start slathering it on as soon as the kids start wearing short sleeves again! Wearing sunscreen is a must for our fam (for all of us!). With so many different kinds out there on the market, there’s really is no excuse for skipping it. Pardon my mini soapbox speech, but it really could save your life some day!

A few favorite things to wear this spring

8. Patagonia jumper – this is probably the most versatile piece of clothing I own. It’s definitely one of my top spring favorite things (it works for summer and fall wardrobes too!). Not only is it super cute on, but it’s also comfortable, timeless, and a low-maintenance item. It’s easy to dress up or down, travels extremely well, and is great to wear when it’s hot outside. 10/10 would recommend (I’ve got it in multiple colors!).

9. Plastic Birks – I have my husband to thank for this awesome discovery because he found them first but we’ve both had several pairs now. They are hands down the best “all-around” spring (and summer!) shoe. This is a perfect shoe to quickly slip on for warmer days. But it isn’t going to get wrecked in any April showers like original Birks which have a cork bottom.

A few miscellaneous favorite spring things

10. Window Birdfeeder – our whole family LOVES this bird feeder and so do the birds! We put it on the window in our living room and it gets so much bird traffic! The close up viewing makes for quite the entertainment. Our kids have even started to be able to identify some of the types of birds that frequent our feeder.

11. Mini umbrella – you definitely don’t want to get caught out in a major spring rainstorm without an umbrella. But if you’re anything like me, those big bulky ones are not easy to juggle. Especially when you’re loading a whole entourage of kids and belongings into the car. I love this mini umbrella bc it’s sleek and small enough to toss in my bag. It also fits in the door of my car when I’m done with it!

12. Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker – I got this for my coffee-loving husband as a gift a few years ago. He has always really been into making fancy coffee. It was a huge hit! Once the weather turned warmer, he could easily make delicious cold brew in it at home and drink it whenever he pleased!

A few favorite things for getting out and about

13. Running Leash for dogs – talk about an item that you can use to kill two birds with one stone! You can exercise yourself and your dog at the same time! This genius invention has been a godsend for us with our high-energy pups. I always had a hard time trying to run while holding a leash in my hands. This handsfree options really was the perfect solution for me!

14. Bike Trailer for kids – I know the price tag on this item is hefty. This has been a mainstay favorite for years now. It’s our go-to any time we want to get out on our bikes in nice weather with our kids. As soon as the first warm evening rolls around, we are eager to hit the pedals and head to a nearby restaurant with outdoor seating. Having this bike trailer has made it so much easier for us to haul our kids (and all their stuff!) comfortably and safely along with us. It even converts to a stroller if you unhook it from your bike. We use ours all around town and even at the beach!

15. Bike lead for dogs – another pricier item on this list. This has served us through and through over the years with our high-energy dogs (mainly our vizslas). It always seemed a shame to not be able to bring our dog along when we were out and about on our bikes. But it never felt safe while simply holding on to her leash. This specially designed bike lead was made for dog and rider safety. I used it for years with our pups in Chicago, I can testify to how well it is made and how well it works. It’s another one of our spring favorites. Easy to attach to our bikes and safely bring the dog along for any adventures!

I hope you find something on this list that you might end up loving as much as we do! Have any favorites that you want to share with me? Drop a note in the comments to tell me more!

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