10 Mother’s Day Gifts Any Mom Will Love

10 Mother's Day Gifts Any Mom Will Love | | Mother's Day 2021

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, can you believe it?! I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’ve spent the entire past year parenting through a global pandemic. It has been incredibly challenging on so many levels. Moms have had it especially tough. I’ll never forget last year when an email came out from our kids’ preschool around this time. It was reminding all *dads* that there wouldn’t be any Mother’s Day crafts coming home due to the covid closures. Ahhh I was so disappointed! Those preschool handmade crafts have always been my favorite! If only we had known what was in store for us over the next 12 months.

I’ve had some friends tell me what they really want for Mother’s Day this year is a break from their usual motherhood responsibilities! And gosh does that sound great?! After a long year of who knows how many meals, messes, and meltdowns (theirs AND ours!) we’ve handled, a break might just be what ends up on my list too!

This year we have something extra to celebrate as Mamas. We get to celebrating that we made it this far. Through a global pandemic and one of the most unique parenting challenges ever experienced by mothers in history. Every single Mama who survived this past year should be extremely proud of themself. Heck, we deserve freaking gold medals!

If you’re a mama who typically takes matters into your own hands when it comes to feeling celebrated (because let’s be honest, sometimes the dads need the help), I’ve created a list of ideas for things you might enjoy this year! And if you usually don’t have to take the reins but are just looking to offer up some special suggestions, you’ve come to the right place. Nobody knows how hard you’ve worked better than you do! Sometimes it helps to know exactly what to ask for (or heck, even to order for yourself!).

There is nothing wrong with asking for what you want/need and this Mother’s Day it’s more important than ever.

Also, we can totally celebrate each other! If you have a Mama friend (or even your OWN mama!) that you know deserves some extra love this year, you can find something here for her too! Or perhaps you know someone who really struggles with this holiday. I know the years I spent experiencing infertility made this holiday feel particularly painful for me. And I have many friends have lost their mothers and find this day extremely heartbreaking. Maybe you can find a way this year to reach out to brighten their day a bit too. Perhaps with a small gift and/or handwritten card to show you are thinking of them.

So if you are looking for some special gift ideas to help you (and the other Mama’s in your life) feel as appreciated, loved, and celebrated as you truly deserve this Mother’s Day, I’ve got you!

These Mother’s Day gifts are ones that any Mom is sure to love…

10 Mother's Day Gifts Any Mom Will Love | | Mother's Day 2021
  1. Lake PJ Set – An absolute pajama drawer must-have for Mama! I’ve spend so many days lounging in my pjs this past year. And what better way to feel special than to don an extra cute (and extremely cozy) pj set to level up your loungewear game.
  2. Birkenstock Sandals – When in doubt, Birk it out! I spend most of every spring, summer, and fall in my Birkenstocks. So this year when I found this cute pair, I immediately added them to my wish list. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to refresh your footwear game before the warm weather hits.
  3. The Magic of Motherhood by Ashlee GaddThe Magic of Motherhood is a collection of some of the most beautiful and powerful stories I’ve ever read about motherhood. These honest stories weave together the love, joy, and magnificent heartache of what it means to be a mother. This would make a wonderful gift to send your Mama friends or even to have on your own nightstand.
  4. Breakfast in Bed – An old classic but trust me, it NEVER gets old. And don’t forget to clean the kitchen afterwards too!
  5. Car Detailing – Nothing says ‘I love you Mom’ like vacuuming out year-old goldfish crumbs and who knows what else that might be causing that stench from the backseat! This is one of my favorite gifts to receive! It always feels absolutely luxurious to slide behind the wheel of a freshly detailed car!
  6. Mom Trinket Bowl – This handcrafted dish is the perfect home for all of your tiny treasures.
  7. Smart Coffee Mug – Okay, hear me out on this one. Put $1 in a jar every time you reheat your coffee in a week and this thing pays for itself. Moms around the world would agree.
  8. Watering Can + Live Plant – Add a sweet handmade card that says “I’m happy I’m Y’Orchid” for the perfect personal touch any Mom will love. It seems like this past year has been the year of the live houseplant (well that, and live sourdough bread starter)!
  9. Mama + Me Cup Set – No explanation necessary! These are the cutest darn things I’ve ever seen! Guaranteed to brighten up those kitchen cupboards that have grown dismal over the past year.
  10. Walker Goods Valley Tote – I’ve heard amazing things about these bags! This year I decided to add one to my Mother’s Day wish list! Mamas can never have enough solid totes with tons of pockets. This one is perfect for a plane, train, office, beach, or gym!

And here are a few extra gift ideas – all created by some amazing mama’s I know personally:

  • When my friend Sisi started making these adorable handmade clay polymer earrings, I rushed to get some. She has so many different styles and they are the perfect addition to any ensemble! Since I’ve basically forgotten how to dress to leave the house anymore after a year of quarantining, these earrings have really helped me level up my style game.

  • This Motherhood Looks Good On Me sweatshirt designed by my wonderful friend Shoanna is the BEST. I’ve got one and I hardly ever take it off! It’s the softest sweatshirt I own and by far the cutest!

  • A luxurious Bodewell candle created by my friend Effie would be great for any candle lovers out there. They are extremely high quality, have an incredible smell, and are designed to transform your home into a place of peace (what Mama doesn’t want that?!).

So Mamas, hurry and send your wishlists to the people who are celebrating you (or helping to organize said celebrating things!) this year. Or go ahead and choose something to order for yourself (I’ve done that many times before!). Trust me, you deserve it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Yours truly,

Eliza B.

ps. you can also find some great ideas on my Favorite Things: Self-Care list if you’re looking for a few more options!

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